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The California Heights Historic District

The California Heights Historic District was first established in February 1990 and was expanded in May 2000. The original boundaries were the east side of Gaviota Ave, the west side of Lime Ave., the south side of Bixby Rd. and the alley north of Wardlow Rd. The 2000 expansion included the three blocks to the east-adding the west side of Gaviota Ave. Rose Ave. and Gardenia Ave. California Heights is the largest Historic District in Long Beach consisting of approximately 1500 homes. The neighborhood was subdivided between 1920-1929, moving from west to east. Most of the existing homes were built between 1920-1950 and are predominately Spanish Colonial Revival single family houses. Other styles exist in the neighborhood including Tudor Revival, Norman Revival and Neo-Traditional (1938-1949). California Bungalows were moved to the area from other areas undergoing redevelopment including Signal Hill and San Pedro.