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How well do you know your neighbors?

That’s the most basic question a Community Watch (formerly Neighborhood Watch) program asks prospective members. In fact, how well we know those who share our surroundings often determines whether or not we recognize and report suspicious activities that occur around us!

Crimes of opportunity represent the most prevalent crimes in Cal Heights, but they’re also the easiest to prevent. Criminals are opportunistic, looking for the easiest pickings, so Community Watch begs the question, “Why make it easy?” Community Watch offers resources to make our community more difficult to victimize.

While we routinely encourage our residents to investigate local Community Watch resources and form or reactivate dormant watches, most of the banter on social media consists of alerts from other residents about crimes that have already taken place. Community Watch asks us to act BEFORE crime strikes! It provides residents with opportunities to become more informed about the latest crime prevention techniques and trends, encourages neighbors to interact with one another on a more regular basis and suggests a more proactive roll in crime prevention. This community building process fosters a sense of mutual vested interest in each others’ safety and well-being.

With more than 1750 households in Cal Heights, a neighborhood-wide program would prove cumbersome. That’s why we encourage our residents to take the initiative to form and maintain block watches and work with adjacent watches to become more informed, enhancing both safety and the sense of belonging we enjoy in Cal Heights. We’ll never prevent every crime, but we can greatly reduce our chances of victimization if we work together.


Click here to learn more about forming a Community Watch on your block, then contact our Long Beach Police Department North Division Community Resource Specialists. Police officers are often occupied, so please leave a message with your contact information so they can respond to your queries when they’re able.


Jose Gonzalez, Patrol Resource Officer
Office: (562) 570-9827

Erika Moreno, Neighborhood Specialist
(562) 570-9825