Mark you calendars!

3/14 9 am to 11:30 Alley Clean-up

We’ll be tackling the alleys between Lime and Olive, Olive and Myrtle, Myrtle and California, and the E-W alleys between 36th and 37th. Volunteers adjacent to those alleys especially welcomed – but anyone who would like to help is welcome, as always!

Volunteers will gather at 9:00 a.m. at Olive and 37th. There will be light refreshments and then we’ll get started!

We will provide bags and gloves but it is appreciated if you bring tools (a shovel, dust pan or broom).

3/14 Noon to 4 pm – Block Party/Potluck

The party will be on the 3600 block Olive just south of 37th Street.

You do not have to attend the alley clean-up to join in on the block party fun – all are welcome!

If you would like to bring food to the block party:
If you have an EVEN address, bring an appetizer for 7-10 people.
If you have an ODD address, bring a dessert for 7 – 10 people.

We started the block parties last year and they have been a great way to meet and stay connected with your neighbors. Connected neighborhoods are safer neighborhoods! The better we know the folks who share our space, the better we all are at recognizing and reporting suspicious behavior. Besides that, it’s fun! We hope you’ll join us!