9:00 am at Rose and 36th

Alley Cleanups are a great way to meet your neighbors, improve the appearance of the neighborhood, get rid of troubling large objects, and overall join in with the effort to keep improving our neighborhood!

This time around, we’re going to tackle as many alleys as we have volunteers to help support. We’re going to try to clean the alleys between Walnut/Gaviota, Gaviota/Rose, Rose/Gardenia and Gardenia/Cherry.

Whether you live adjacent to one of these alleys, or you just want to join friends, neighbors and the Clean Streets Crew to help, please consider helping us!

Bags, gloves and some tools will be provided, please bring your own tools.

SPECIAL PICK UP: If you have items you would like to discard, (furniture, e-waste etc) please bring them to 36th and Rose by 11:15 am. All trash accepted except large appliances and hazardous waste.

Also, please invite Friends and Neighbors (and FaceBook Friends).

See details for our Cleanup and Holiday Block Party Event  here on Facebook and join us for some fun after our hard work!